Dr. Stacey Naito

Stacey Naito D.O. Inc. Medical Services

You’re a whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

Are you ready for a truly progressive medical approach which addresses you that way?

Dr. Naito is trained in the western model of medicine, but she has a more functional approach to medical care which is fully integrative and designed to improve the quality of your life on all fronts.  She strongly believes in the power of food, physical activity, and spiritual work to maximize function and wellness.  Dr. Naito will never just put a band-aid on an ailment and send you on your way.  Instead, her approach is geared towards providing solutions which benefit you over the long term.  

Dr. Naito may still turn to pharmaceutical interventions if the situation calls for it, but she also understands the impact of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and hormone balance in restoring overall health and preventing or reversing chronic disease. Dr. Naito is committed to delivering a holistic medical approach which examines factors such as lifestyle, genetics, and environment.  She honestly believes that patients know their own bodies better than anyone else does, so she truly takes time to listen and address what bothers them the most.